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This website understands that more and more people nowadays continue to expose their personal information whenever they use the Internet. This is probably reason why these people experience receiving unexpected calls, emails and text messages from unknown strangers.

There are individuals who choose to spend money and time to do proper research online to help them find useful information about unknown people. Some may even register for multiple social media accounts to gather important details about different registered users. With the opportunity to check the names of those active users, it helps them determine their legitimacy, especially those who make annoying phone calls.

When visiting this site, it presents the most comprehensive reverse lookup service from a legitimate partnered agency. With this kind of service, it allows all registered users to search and gather useful information on their own ways. Furthermore, they get an access to use the existing database and reveal all possible details without wasting much time. Regarding the exact benefit of a dependable lookup service, it is capable of tracing both unregistered and registered numbers online.

As for those who need to find details about different mobile numbers, this website can help them gather the details immediately after completing the process using the available database. It search and view all relevant information and quickly release them to the users who are searching. With regards to the length of access provided to utilize the our database; this usually depends on the agreed subscription.

Visiting and using this reliable site offers the best chance to use the most trusted reverse lookup service online. It allows all users to verify the available data, understand the guidelines, review comments and get helpful tips. Compared to the other available lookup services on the web, it updates the system and database regularly to make sure they release latest information for the users. There are also no hidden charges when using the offered services and the guidelines they implement are legitimate.

This reliable website has the most complete phone directory that provide quality details to verify a person, a phone number, an email or even a home address. With this kind of benefit, it is easier for a user to make good decision after getting the necessary details. The process of investigating someone is easier by using the available services here. All legitimate users can get fresh and relevant details about their reported phone numbers, emails or even names of individuals, as stated above.

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October 15 2:44 am
Still so few comments here on this #. Still calling my # even tho I do not pick up and have this # blocked. Im wondering if its a robocall.

October 15 11:24 pm
I just got a call too. THey say they went to my homne and listed and address I have not lived at for 2 years!

October 15 5:47 am
Got the call a few days ago, after talking with four different persons, they became very persistent and irritated because I would not sign their 3 year contract for their rate of 1.80 for visa and 1.85 for mastercard, but the catch is the debit machine which you have a contract of 5 years, so If you cancel the rate contract after three years you have to pay for the machine which could be in the thousands, the desktop machine is worth 1,200.00 they tell me, that is the cheapest.Jordan Lonobile was one of the guys I talked to, very persistent and wanted a copy of my statement, I did not send but gave him the numbers he needed, but kept asking for a copy. Sent me a contract he made with our company name and my full name on it without me giving this information out, (dont like that at all) also I never told them I wanted to switch with their company, they were borderline pushy and rude. I had to have an answer in four days, because of the special of the week. Then one day Jordan calls, Im not here and he is asking for my personal cell number and insisting that I wont mind if the receptionist gives him my number?? I strongly suggest you dont do business with this company, and if you check more they used to be located in Toronto, now they are in Montreal, and they dont have a good business record.

October 15 8:33 am
Just hangs up-repeat caller

October 15 10:24 pm
Lifetime wanting me to join.

October 15 10:25 pm
I get this call from time to time the number 0 I just ignore it as annoying as it is I have several Opinions on what it could possibly be but truth be known no one really knows heres one of many possibilities it could be the government calling to collect info meaning active numbers or even that when you answer it somehow triggers something they can find out your every move with all the distraction and all the hoax with the government and its entirety and scammers that could even be in on it with the government who knows i recently heard this from someone a friend just got saved in church and started receiving these calls and well when I got back from a mens retreat at church that number started coming through my phone take it for what its worth but it is something more than we know I do believe and I refuse to answer and wont I dont answer numbers I dont know of anyway so lol the bottom line is the world is falling apart and for those who believe in Christ I think have a pretty good idea on what im talking about we are in the last days if you read revelations along with Matthew, Mark, Luke, And John if your not a believer I think you just might reconsider your belief. Ill leave you all with this Leave the number alone just let it do its thing dont pick up its annoying I know but something is behind that number this I do believe God Bless you all God Save America And God Bless Jerusalem The Holy Land and the Jews

October 15 11:54 pm
the DO NOT CALL list doesnt help. It was created to establish more govt office space for campaign friends of the politicians.

October 15 12:25 am
selling security. prerecorded. pressing one allows them ti call you back.

October 15 1:16 am
We've been getting the same thing - calls from 205-259-1364 - seems at least once a day. Nobody ever there. If you call back, the line is busy. I agree it could be the Sheriff's Association. Are they trying to tortue people who don't donate, or is there a glitch in their automatic dialing program? (I don't even know if they have an automatic dialing program.)

October 15 2:29 am
So happy for this site. I dont answer long distance calls from numbers I dont recognize. I then check them out here and, after reading what I see about this number, I will add it to my blocked call list. Check your phone. You may also be able to block further calls. When I block the number, the phone rings once and the display shows that it is a blocked number. The call is then disconnected and the caller receives a repetitive buzzing tone. Thank you for providing this service.

October 15 4:10 am
Im calling them a telemarketer because they call wanting you to buy into their services. I dont need their services. I find it extremely annoying they call my cell phone.

October 15 1:23 pm
I keep gettiing calls from this number a few times a day. Never leaves a message. I called the number back. VM states they are a nonprofit org, Telefund. They also said if we wish to be removed from call list, to leave name and phone # and will take up to 24 hours. I only left my phone #. We'll see what happens. I'm sure they will continue to call.

October 15 2:06 am
Credit spam. Must owe $3000 in debt. Will not stop calling. New number everytime. Made the mistake of answering once and speaking with a person to be they have my number forever.

October 15 1:37 pm
Trying to sell credit cards.

October 15 8:52 am
I just got my first call from this number on Sunday 7/27/14. I did not answer. T next day I got another call and they left a message: I sounded like a voice from the islands or Africa. He said Hello my sister Schwoan, and then he said or Schwoanne. My name is Joan so apparently he could not read English. They called again this morning so I picked up the phone but said nothing as though the connection was broken-all I heard was a lot of phones being used in the back ground. The girl that answered said Hello four or five times and then hung up, I also have Century Link but have no ties to either Vorizen or Comcast. It really sounds like a scam based outside of the States. Be very, very careful. Just ignore and do not answer any calls from this bogus number.

October 15 11:58 am
Theres no Do Not Call list for cell phones - in fact, you shouldnt receive calls from telemarketers at all - unless you specifically gave them your cell phone number. Block the number on your phone - if your phone doesnt have a number block feature, contact your cell phone service provider - they should be able to tell you how to block the calls.

October 15 10:09 am
Called, left no message either

October 15 6:00 am
It is the Harris County jail on Houston TX, womens detention center on mykawa road on the Southeast show of town

October 15 2:45 pm
It DOES NOT work! They might be in it together! donotcall SELLS the phone numbers!

October 15 2:21 pm
Spam... Ppl from an indian call center