It is certainly easy to change a pre-paid cell phone by just entering a store, a wall-mart, or even any other outlet that sells prepaid cell phones and you'll probably walk out with a functioning phone line that's virtually impossible to track especially when your a bad guy in the crime business, this is surely on your side, but if your job happens to be tracing down bad guys, it's surely a bad thing because it won't benefit and help you at all.

In websites like and, most company identifier searchers use these sites because similar searches elsewhere happen not to identify prepaid cell phones and these searches are based on telephone company that has list of records called NPA/NXX data of which searches and recognizes the owner of bunch of phone numbers but in most cases of prepaid phone services, their phone numbers are bought or leased from old and traditional cell phone companies that were probably listed and recorded in the NPA/NXX records.

For an instance, a certain service named Tracfone rents service from numerous various cell carriers, and from there, you can run a phone number and it could probably come back as a Verizon phone thru the help of NPA/NXX data when in fact it is a prepaid Tracfone, same as to prepaid service which boost mobile that could come back as Sprint or Nextel and the only exception to this is the Cricket prepaid and MetroPCS phone pf which are usually come up after their own names.

A hired private investigator who happens to obtain a hit through the use of NPA/NXX data will show a cell phone with a prime cell phone service provider like the above mentioned example which is Verizon that could heed caution.