Been longing to find your long lost friend and keep in touch with them but do not know where to locate them? It is somewhat challenging to find someone you haven't got to talk to for a long time already and have no contact with them atleast. Fortunately, because of the continuously increase of modern technology, you can now perform a people search online whic is very easy and quick or prefer to avail a people search offline which is still reliable.

Let's discuss first how to contact your former acquiantances, friends, and co-workers for you to be able to know their address or where exactly do they reside. As of now, you can check and avail telephone books in your towns where you possibly think the person will most likely live and another is you can put some ads in the newspaper in the toen wherein you last saw the peroson, your friend, to atleast see if anyone happen to knows their whereabouts.

Second option is that you can search people online with easier and faster access of the informations you've been wanting to know by simply checking the person's name in online directories to know if anything comes up or your friend's name will pop up such as you can search on online people search websites, search on white page directories, check online postal records, search on colleege and high school alumni records and search on military records.

If you are very fortunate, there is a better way to do a people research by means of trying an online licensed investigation services, some of these services are rip off but reliable ones surely give access to court records, property or ownership records, marriage and divorce records and almost all the public information accessible for the person.