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Warning!!! I just received a phone call from some foreign man saying that someone put a deadly virus on my computer and if I will just open my computer he will help me fix it. When I asked him what company he was with he said Microsoft and continued to tell me I had a deadly virus on my computer. Well I told him to take me off of the call list and not to call back for him to tell me he is not a telemarketer. I ended up hanging up the phone and he hasn’t called back. He called several times today but I hung the phone up on him because he was real hard to understand. The number that showed up on my phone was from Auburn WA and the other numbers had some V with a bunch of numbers behind it. I didn’t know if I could post the phone number on here but I am sure they have plenty of numbers they are using because I have 3 numbers for them now. Each time they call a new number shows up. I wish I knew who to contact to report them or how to find out if they are legit.