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September 21 10:06 pm
Multiple calls. They let it ring 7-8 times, then hang up and call right back. Isnt this covered under Federal Law in the harassing, incessant calling rules? Oh yeah, forget it.all those laws on paper dont mean squat. Our Congressman should use their time better if they cant pass laws with teeth.

September 21 9:09 pm
They call all day everyday .Obama care and other agencies, hospitals, clinics,etc. are sharing our phone numbers and other info to telemarketers,etc, you want change, you got it,

September 21 2:11 am
My husband just got one today. It said : my bedroom has a very interesting ceiling... Im easy, but it looks like you are hard. Text me seven 0 three tw0 seven eight three five three f0ur..

September 21 4:05 pm
We have been using the donot call list for a couple of years its a farce not worth a darn the fact that it ends with . gov should tell you its not worth anything it does not work period.

September 21 2:52 pm
I got a call from a guy named "Frank Jordan" He said he was calling from the department of law and investigation. That I was being sued for a loan on the internet. he stated i could get an attorney but if I loose the case then I have to pay them $5000. That he wants to help me out and resolve this issue by just paying the money I never recieved! I told him I was in the process of getting an attorney but I needed all his information and he denied it to me! THIS IS A SCAM!!! DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

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