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Latest Comments for 202-464

2016-03-17 11:41:54
Phone call from this number did not give me but about half a ring. No message left. I called right back and got an answering machine about a prescription card.

2016-03-17 03:06:05
very garbled message after many rings. DON\'T TRUST!!!!!!

2016-03-17 10:54:37
We are sorry we cannot speak to you personally. We appreciate your busy schedule so please call Citi or City (not sure which) at 1-855-242-6899. This is an an important message. It is not a sales call and any of our representatives can assist you. Again the number is 1-855-242-6899. We look forward to speaking to you.

2016-03-17 05:24:07
Me too! they call me anywhere from 2-4 times per day. Its getting annoying. I put the supposed number on my blocked call list but its annoying me even more because it isnt stopping this number from calling my mobile phone so I took it off and plan to tell them to STOP calling me. Ive never heard of any legitimate business using a phone number with all zeros. Sounds bogus to me. Im on the do not call list too but it doesnt seem to stop these people...whomever they are.

2016-03-17 13:21:37
could not understand anything that I was saying so he hung up. I tried to call number back because I thought it was my ex-husband who lives in Jacksonville, but, got a message error. I am blocking number from log.

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