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Latest Comments for 202-731

December 4 2:57 pm
Seor esto no es real es uno mentira que van a usae para robarle su dinero

December 4 6:39 pm
I was served with documentation pursuant of a civil action suit, from Kramer Gallagher and Associates. This number is in fact their toll free number and Im currently working with them to avoid further legal action, ie attorney fees and actually going to court for monies that Ive owed in the past. If youve received calls from them and you are not willing to respond, it is likely you do not wish to handle your financial obligations. For the most part theyve been extremely professional, albeit, given the nature of their calls I can see why most would misconstrue the validity of their office. Ive owed a credit card bill for years and Ive actually now broken it down into a reasonable repayment plan, most of the interest added onto the account was waived.

December 4 2:16 pm
I've been getting calls from this number in the last 3 hours. They don't answer when I pick up, but I know someone is on the other line.

December 4 5:21 am
Someone from this number calls at least three times a day and when I answer the phone they don't say anything and than I will hear them hangup and get a is very annoyning and I wish they would stop calling or I wish I could find out who it is and report them, call the number and all you get is a busy signal.

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