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Latest Comments for 202-906

January 15 4:33 am
Got a text message today from them asking me if I was someone they were looking for. I said no and asked them who they were and how did they get my number. A text message came back telling me to [***] Off! They have a very limited vocabulary whoever they are and I still dont feel comfortable with them having my number.

January 24 4:42 am
You are welcome! And no prosecutions will be taking place. lol What size rims do you suggest I put on my lexus that I used to put down on my car? email or call 404-260-5990

January 25 5:17 pm
I get numbers from thetr say its in Conroe Texas supposibly federal detention center.even talk to inmate family but area code in Conroe isnt 713 ? If this scam the whole damn family involved its possible.

January 7 7:03 am
Anyone having trouble wirh crooks like this should report it to the FEDERAL COMMUNICATION COMMISSION.

January 10 4:43 am
If I didnt request the code, who did? Someone is trying to reset the password on one of my accounts but I dont know which account because this stuid system didnt say, or give any advice on what to do if I didnt request the code.

January 21 2:55 am
Asked me to put a home protection system in.

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