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Latest Comments for 202-976

January 13 1:15 pm
they just called me...scam for pain relief creamthey have also used these numbers 458 201-1156, 567 746-6113,714 607-6618,626 668-8293,310 495-4617

January 10 5:57 am
GOOD ADVICE!   I just blocked it!  have a panasonic phone which blocks 30 numbers.   Yesterday, I removed 6 as I had 30 blocked.     Took out all the "Rachel" calls as they never use the same number.

January 11 5:21 pm
These people call and when you ask questions about the business they represent they hang up on you.  I am on a do not call list and they still call.  When I told them I wanted the name of teir business so I could file a complaint with the Attorney General's office in there state the guy was very beligerant to me and hung on me.

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