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Latest Comments for 203-223

January 19 12:48 am
Hey, Ive received a call from the same Number. At the time I received the call i was watching anti Obama / illuminati vids on YouTube ,have you been doing similar ? Possible reason for the call maybe?

January 11 3:30 pm
Just got a call from this number. Caller ID says Neighborcare HL. When I picked up the phone and answered I could hear some noise in the background, but no person responded to my Hello. After I said Hello a 2nd time, the caller hung up.

January 9 11:27 pm
I just got a call from this number, too. I had been filling out scholarship applications last week so maybe that's where he got my number? I had also been applying for jobs, so I answered thinking it was possibly an employer, but I said hello twice and there was nothing. Just as I hit the end call button I heard someone say something about recording my call. I immediately looked it up, and found these comments. Thanks, guys!

January 21 4:57 pm
The phone companies are making $$$ on these msgs. DON'T expect them to help.

January 10 1:57 am
Just another of those mysterious numbers I guess. Probably a scam....

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