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January 11 11:09 pm
I got two calls at 7:00 PM tonight and couldnt hear anything on the other end. Kind of heard a womans voice the first time but couldnt understand a word. I usually never answer if I dont know the number but I do know a couple of people who use Skype and thought it could have been one of them so I answered.I never give any information over the phone to someone calling ME, and I never do anything computer related, regardless of what they say.

January 25 5:50 pm
I paid my husbands bill (over the minimum due), the money came out of the bank account this morning and the first call I got was FROM THEM! They dont seem to be leaving us alone! Hm...

January 27 4:29 pm
Ive been getting texts somewhat similar to this layout, but never the same subject. I hate it, but i did get this text: no subject / Are we related?Do you want to be? text me7862540381killing time on my bedSent from I-PhoneI just block these type of texts now, but its getting irritating.

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