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Latest Comments for 206-725

2016-03-17 09:40:33
Called, no one there.  Googled Number and found this site.

2016-03-17 01:03:32
I just got a call from Amsher with a caller ID 205-313-2624, They only identified themselves as Amsher (stated their name very quickly and in a slurred fashion) and stated they had important business with someone that had my name.  They then proceeded to ask some very personal questions to attempt to identifiy me without giving me any information about themselves or what they wanted with me.  I did not give them any information and since they had called my government employers number I asked them to identify who and what they are and what their busines was, they refused and hung up the phone.

2016-03-17 03:20:15
Same as those above.  2 rings.  Hung up.  No voicemail left.  Seems to be a robocaller testing for valid numbers or malfunctioning.

2016-03-17 05:48:06
Michelle Jordan from one of these BS "Asset Management" companies. STAY SWAY!!What a joke. No wonder the massage they leave is so cryptic. No one will work for you!!

2016-03-17 09:05:37
Ive gotten 3 calls on my cell from the 888 number. The guy sound drunk and just keeps screaming HELLO over and over.Im not answering it anymore..

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