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September 21 1:14 pm
Actually, Verizon is now a part of AT&T and they outsource calls to India, Philippines and Pakistan. When I get these people it is usually if I call on weekends or after 7 pm (EST). So, while they are legit, you are on the Do Not Call list and you should go to their website and file a complaint. I did and I received a letter from AT&T/Verizon apologizing and got a full months credit on my wireless bill. I have since received no calls from them. Incidentally, this is not the only company I have filed a complaint on. Ive filed at least 25 and of the 25 complaints filed, I have received apology letters from 19 of the companies and the calls have stopped. So, something somewhere is working as it should. My suggestion would be to file with (I believe, that is a correct web site) and file a complaint. It cant hurt. And, you may be surprised later.

September 21 9:55 pm
I also have gotten multiple calls from this number, never was there anything on the other end but a bunch of clicks, until today. Today, I got this is Annette and I have been trying to call you for days, of course this is an automated voice, they give me a number to call back along with a reference number. Am not attempting to call them back since they call at least two to three times a day with nothing but clicks, apparently not trying to hard to contact me.

September 21 8:34 pm
Robo-call telling me that I can lower the interest rates on my credit cards and to press 1 to speak to a scammer.

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