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June 20 1:34 am
From another reporting site: Phone number 6617480240 is a default phone number for Skype users similar to 6617480241.(661) 748 0240 appears on outbound calls for Skype users who have not set up their Skype caller ID yet and is also utilized by cyber criminals to promote malware and initiate other scams.

June 20 4:48 am
phone-id showed:: wireless // I picked-up, said HEY, WIRELESS CALLER, WASSUP!! DUDE - DUDETTE .!! WASSUP!! -&- THEY HUNG-UP, !! TO-CALLER; HEY! YO-YO HEAD; STOP YOUR BULL-S_ _ T, &-&-& GET-A-LIFE !

June 20 12:58 am
Got the call a few days ago, after talking with four different persons, they became very persistent and irritated because I would not sign their 3 year contract for their rate of 1.80 for visa and 1.85 for mastercard, but the catch is the debit machine which you have a contract of 5 years, so If you cancel the rate contract after three years you have to pay for the machine which could be in the thousands, the desktop machine is worth 1,200.00 they tell me, that is the cheapest.Jordan Lonobile was one of the guys I talked to, very persistent and wanted a copy of my statement, I did not send but gave him the numbers he needed, but kept asking for a copy. Sent me a contract he made with our company name and my full name on it without me giving this information out, (dont like that at all) also I never told them I wanted to switch with their company, they were borderline pushy and rude. I had to have an answer in four days, because of the special of the week. Then one day Jordan calls, Im not here and he is asking for my personal cell number and insisting that I wont mind if the receptionist gives him my number?? I strongly suggest you dont do business with this company, and if you check more they used to be located in Toronto, now they are in Montreal, and they dont have a good business record.

June 20 1:04 pm
Bye and don't want your drama.

June 20 12:02 pm
Didn't answer and they left no message on the machine.  Dollars to doughnuts it's a political party looking for $!  If it was valid they surely would have talked to the machine...

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