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September 21 7:59 am
This comes up as TOLL FREE on Caller ID, but is absolutely COX SALES, for sure. After not answering daily calls for the last week, I finally picked up today to a salesperson asking, And how is your day? I asked the purpose of the call, and she said, I have some nice sales promotions for people in your area.... When I stopped her pitch to let her know I was on the Do Not Call Registry, she told me that they pay attention to that list, and that my number must not yet be active on it. I told her Ive been on it for at least ten years, and she interrupted me to say something about having to renew. I told her thats not true, that you no longer have to renew, and she said something about having to renew ON HER SYSTEM (!!?!), then hastened to add that shed take me off their list. And how long will this last?, I asked... she said I have it down here until 2039. So well see... especially since I find that almost annually I have to contact Cox to request they cease mailings and phone calls.

September 21 1:33 pm
you are likely the one putting out these calls. as no no one answers these calls.

September 21 5:41 pm
I did this, still get the calls

September 21 12:46 pm
This number calls me all hours of the night says he is from Russia..

September 21 10:55 pm
Billing office of Oneida Healthcare

September 21 1:02 am
consist calls about going back to school even after being told I'm not interested

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