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2016-09-21 02:14:16
It\'s Argosy University and they are absolutely relentless. I made the mistake of talking to them briefly about my grad school options even though I\'ve never been interested in their school and now they call relentlessly. Worst part is 5 different representatives will call from the same number asking me the same thing on the same day because there\'s apparently no inter-office communication about who has been called yet. I can\'t tell you how many times I\'ve interrupted their intro to say \"Yeah, sorry, I JUST talked to someone like this.\" They then assure me they\'ll update their records and two hours later I\'m getting the same phone call again from a different person.

2016-09-21 20:29:20
Harvesting numbers from Craigslist - they called my Google Voice number which is only used there.

2016-09-21 21:43:14
Sent a message saying this:" Do you need some money this week? has a hassle-free 2 minute loan form for up to $1500, without a credit check. "stop" to unsubscribe."

2016-09-21 08:40:46
Automated message for collection agency with old outdated personal info of previous cell phone owner or old number owner. Not proffessional. Spam.

2016-09-21 09:49:54
harrssing text from him block his texts to my phone

2016-09-21 23:17:12
Please report at both websites:

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