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January 14 8:58 am
hey man this is true. theres alot of stuff going on right now in the govenrment. in all honesty i would say get rid of ur phone but u probably need it. theres a huge bank in north africa and the us has a lot of money invested in it. its in lome. and whatever deal the government has going with the bank there has to do with our telephone numbers being sent to the scammers and hackers and theives of lome who then put any profit in that bank

January 5 10:06 pm
they called and i answered. noone was there. happened twice then i blocked it

January 25 2:09 am
I have Verizon and started getting them today. 3 today.

January 25 5:55 pm
He called about 17 times in a row beofre I finally picked up. He started saying he was looking for a "booty call", I then said not to call my number back & hung up. He proceeded to call 4 more times. Loser!

January 25 1:56 am
I was called by this company who told me I was approved for a loan of $2,000.00 Dollars , but I had to send them funds to secure the loan so after this was done they gave me a Western Union number which did not exist, there was a Mr. Oliver, Jason and Jerrihia Johnson who were involved in this. I told them I am on a fixed income and now I lost all my money and cannot even buy food or pay my electric which is going to be shut off . At the end if you do not do what they say they get very nasty with you.

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