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Latest Comments for 212-872

January 12 12:11 pm
This person from texas has been calling me for the last month... Ive never picked up...seriously so annoying. going to report and see if i can get them blocked.

January 12 2:47 am
No, Im the piece of fraudulent excrement sitting next to you! I sit here all night trying to scam people, just like you! Dont you recognize my writing? You should..with all that education you received in our universities. What, didnt you finish our school? No! Well, no wonder then! If youd wired that money youd be smarter now! Right? Illiterate frauds are so simple. Let you babble, job done! You reveal yourselves every time you post. Youre a laugh a minute, and provide us our daily dose of idiocy in a concentrated form. Quite efficient of you, eh fraud-boy? Skeff Ett Liv! Gunnar

January 1 1:34 pm
Machine called for a vacation

January 17 9:42 pm
beware!   a  call  from  this  number  is  a  debt  collection  scam ~ they  are  phishing  for  info ~

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