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Latest Comments for 212-986

July 26 1:21 am
I did the same with my phone both house phone and cell on the do not call list and now Im getting more now tthan before I registered for the no call list doesnt matter is you are a sprint or Verizon or any other carriers.

July 26 4:43 pm
Just got a call from these jokers same as Louise. The recorded message they left claims they are from a Courier Service. No process server is going to warn you, common sense folks! The number they left was for Cooper Mediation Firm. Hrmm the message said it was from a process server. Cooper claims to be collecting on a payday loan from Castle Payday. Had my attorney call them for fun. They kept claiming this that and the other, all bull. Attorney read them the riot act. Asked why nothing was sent in writing, all they would say is he has been contacted several times. Kept claiming I owed this debt without actually providing any evidence. When asked to fax verification, all they would say is I have been contact several times. When asked for a physical address to mail a C&D to, the guy got weird, put my attorney on hold, then hung up. Go fig!This company is based in Western New York but is using Google Voice or MagicJack to spoof a San Antonio number.

July 26 11:58 am
block this creeeeepppp!!!!!!!!

July 26 5:21 am
i think this number is a scam and trying to still infomation

July 26 12:05 am
Prank call--very disturbing

July 26 1:09 pm
Sales call - I reported # to the website.

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