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Latest Comments for 214-266

January 2 5:09 am
Same as Richard. it was a dead line

January 24 4:59 pm
i am tired of these jerks calling everyday

January 11 5:01 pm
I was going through the missed calls on my cell phone and when I googled this number, all of you folks came up . I don't answer unknown calls - EVER - but when I have a chance, I look them up. Then I save the number in my cell directory under "PEST - IGNORE" so when it calls again, it has an identity. So then I know not to bother with it ever again. I have no idea how these people get cell numbers - are they just dialing at random? Or maybe they buy a block of cell numbers to dial, thinking anyone with a cell phone is probably in debt. Anyway - hope this helps someone.

January 7 2:26 am
This number claimed they were from Majic Window and claimed I asked for a quote. I never asked for them to call me or for a quote!

January 23 7:23 pm
this is the only place you get 10 thousand notices

January 8 10:11 am
we also got this call, anyone know who to report this to?

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