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July 26 11:29 am
Yes, I would like photos of your finished project! Just like Elizabeth, I called on the ad. The lady was very friendly and helpful. She explained the situation and answered all my questions. She emailed the 13 pages of information to me. I am very excited to embark on this adventure. Send photos to:

July 26 3:29 am
i have been scammed i think and its about my computer i would like to talk to you on facebook you can trust me i just need to understand it a little more thanks a lot

July 26 2:49 pm
I met (only on the internet) this man on a website also. Again, he said he loved me, wanted to marry me. Supposedly worked for Chase Bank, and lived in Askov, MN. Originally from South Africa, moved to New YOrk when he was 17. Inherited a farm in Askov from his great grandfather. I have two pictures he emailed, I would love to see if this is the same man. I think he may be working with a woman on all these scams. Gave me a story about how he had been with Sandy for 13 years, but she moved back to Germany. I did talk to him on the phone, his number that I would reach him at was 630-664-6411. Id love to hear from other people as to what this scammer is all about. Thank you.

July 26 5:18 am
According to Robert Michael Cohen is not a registered lawyer in Pa Also James T Mulligan is a junior so its James T Mulligan Jr junior is listed but senior is NOT

July 26 7:13 am
name of the company which use this number is

July 26 10:32 pm
It's not a healthcare company, it's either solicitors, or a scam.

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