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Latest Comments for 214-943

January 8 10:45 pm
it is not a spoof i work for discover it is really us calling

January 20 3:48 am
Its probably the government calling

January 10 8:41 pm
This number on my iphone said it wuz from houston tx. I dont know anyone that live in houston. That i know of. But I accidentally hung up after the recording said i will get 30 free seconds. Hope i didnt jus screw someone i knew over.

January 22 10:46 pm
This is a psychopath stalker name Cardis!

January 28 1:43 am
I just received a call on my mobile phone from this phone number(314-436-0419) at 11pm tonight. It was a number I thought looked familiar; no message was left so I called it back privately and received a lady on the other line. I am not sure who it is, but I do believe it is not someone I know as I would have known the number, had it in my phone, etc. I believe this person has called my landline home phone multiple times as well. Not sure if it is a solicitor/telemarketer, but do not appreciate receiving calls this late as I wake early for work, and no message is ever left.

January 25 1:56 pm
This number was associated with one of those "we have $7,000,000.00 in a lost account for you if you send us $120.00" emails. Total scammer.

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