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June 20 7:04 am
Theres no free lunch folks! If youre interested in giving your hard earned money away, try donating it to a local charity or food bank that services others who are less fortunate than you. Also be sure to shred and recycle the paper that these free offers arrive printed on, youll be doing more for yourself and everybody else that way!

June 20 3:00 pm
I was stupid enough to listed to CPS Card Processing Services and signed with them only to get scammed real hard. 1-877-714-9640 DO NOT ANSWER THE CALL

June 20 10:05 am
Rispah Shrine fund raiser.

June 20 6:25 am
They called and asked for a person with the wrong name..

June 20 9:27 pm
missed the number by seconds. Rang back as I recognized it being an Idaho number. Got a person. I asked whom this was and she said many companies are here and gave me to what she called an operator. HE also would not answer whom he was. HE asked me for my number and I asked him were he was located. There was a lengthy pause and he answered New York. A lie. I hung up. Now Im leery. Any of you by chance have something posted on Craigslist? Because Ive been getting very odd response to an add I have listed I wondered if this was connected.

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