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January 26 8:54 am
I received at threatening voice mail from this number saying they wished me luck if I did not call back and they hoped I had a lawyer. I called back a was told there was a warrant out on me. The man said his name was Eric from the IRS and gave me a badge number. He had a foreign accent. The man said I owed a large amount of money and accused me of fraud against the IRS. After several tense minutes he asked to put me on hold in hopes he could work a deal out for me with his supervisor. At that point I called BS and got my wife on the phone with this clown. He heard her voice, said he was insulted , told me the police were on the way to arrest me and hung up. There is a lot of information on the IRS website about this scam. IT seemed very real in the beginning. They are good at what they do. I hope no one else falls for their tactics.

January 11 7:33 pm
Yes, its the IRS. I reversed with the Agent by making him verifying my personal info. Its about back taxes.

January 21 5:15 am
Multiple calls! I dont answer, and they dont leave a message. A real pain in the butt.

January 25 10:17 am
Sent a message about an herb that makes you thin

January 20 1:23 am
Voice automated insurance provider

January 10 9:30 am
Irritated....i have received 3 calls from this non number in the last 2 hrs.

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