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Latest Comments for 216-406

January 26 4:03 am
they call me they got a suprise on their [***]. cause the call will switch right over to my attorneys ffice. they will here from him very soon. hes giving them a chance really to straighten this bulls. out. if aint done by end if month without notice. theirs gonna be a suite case in view for endangerment of someone getting my personal information as well as they mines. they have f. with the wrog one. i worked wuth an attorney fir 12 years before i got disabled.

January 27 6:13 pm
This same number has called 3 times now. Ive called it back and no answer. If Inanswer the phone who ever it is doesnt even talk. He/ she only breaths for a few seconds then hangs up.

January 13 8:48 am
Yep, I got the same thing from Joey but at a 218 number with same email address. Sucks for him that I might have fallen for it if I were not scammed a week ago about a camera I was selling from the Nigeria scam.

January 10 10:09 pm
got a text today from 251/229-6791.. "do you need up to $5000.00 easy and quick all online

January 15 5:18 pm
Yolanda Lewis calls at lease 3 times a week and never leaves a message.  I finally answered and she asked for my husband who has been deceased for nearly 14 years.

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