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Latest Comments for 217-343

July 26 7:15 pm
Received a call from this number today at 8:22am PDT, didnt answer it because I didnt recognize the number. The caller did not leave a message.

July 26 2:59 am
Debt collectors can not threaten you in any manor no one will come and arrest you that is not how thw legal system opperates you will be served and given time to respond no collector can threaten you like these fake fools do it is a scam

July 26 2:25 am
Just got a call from this # @ 8:42 p.m. I dont know if they left an answer or not because Im downstairs. I doubt it because they never do. Its got the same area code as mine. But I dont answer any unavailable or #s I dont recognize.

July 26 10:51 pm
Thats correct! They called me saying the government randomly selected me for a $5000 grant. Then he asked for my bank info. I asked him, What is my name? He would not answer it then finally he gave me a wrong name. I gave him a bank # and then he asked for the code. I said u dont need the code for deposits, only for spending then I hung up. Its a scam.

July 26 1:59 am
Heres 3 things you can do to torment them when you get a call:1. Tell them right away that you demand to speak with their supervisor. If a supervisor then answers, tell them that you are recording the phone call and you will use it in a harassment lawsuit against them. Ask them for their name, company name, etc. etc. 2. Or, ask them to hold on while you record the phone call in order to report them. Ask them for their name, company name, etc. etc.3. Or, SCREAM into the phone, then hang-up.

July 26 9:57 pm
dont want no call or messages from this number.

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