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February 16 2:39 am
I just got my first call from this number on Sunday 7/27/14. I did not answer. T next day I got another call and they left a message: I sounded like a voice from the islands or Africa. He said Hello my sister Schwoan, and then he said or Schwoanne. My name is Joan so apparently he could not read English. They called again this morning so I picked up the phone but said nothing as though the connection was broken-all I heard was a lot of phones being used in the back ground. The girl that answered said Hello four or five times and then hung up, I also have Century Link but have no ties to either Vorizen or Comcast. It really sounds like a scam based outside of the States. Be very, very careful. Just ignore and do not answer any calls from this bogus number.

February 16 7:22 am
DONT ever do it! We had trouble with our P.C. and my husband called what he thought was a legiamate # for help. They took the P.C. over and REALLY screwed it up!

February 16 8:38 am
No one spoke so I hung up

February 16 3:07 pm
They call EVERY DAY, but no one is there if you answer the phone. Driving me crazy.

February 16 7:43 pm
Pass an order with invalid card

February 16 9:24 pm
I agree, Betsy.  I had a 800 credit score and very positive net worth.  My wife is now 8 years into a terminal illness and has spent more time in the hospital the last year than at home.  Then my business went under, had to let everybody go, and it took me with it since I had to cosign the company's debts.  Was a few _days_ late and Amex decided I deserved a 30% interest after running up a company tab at 7%.  Now I am going to have to file backruptcy.  God, do I feel like a real deadbeat.  Poor Amex.  I wish I could help.

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