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Latest Comments for 219-234

January 15 7:27 pm
What the #? I am from a courier service and have a package for you (click, and he hung up the line?). How did the guy even knew my name? or were they listening when I answered the phone, recorded my name and saved it?

January 10 10:21 am
Lol when he said he was getting signals from my computer saying there was something wrong with it i said yeah there has to be because i dont have one. Lol I do have one but as soon as i said that he hung up. The call was from a 700 something area code

January 3 6:26 am
Spanish Spam. Do not answer.

January 14 11:58 am
ask me to go to western union and pay 220 for security check,and that she will stay online until i recieve my 220 plus 7,000 in grant money. i need the money not the loss

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