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January 22 8:41 am
>>> Even though they list organizations that they are accredited with certain organizations, their name cannot be found in any of those databases including the official Department of Education database. <<<Ill go a step further. Under Meet Our Faculty at ,there are pictures of only five people. None of these pictures or names appear clickable (at least in my iPad web browser), so I cant get any further information about any of these people off their own web site.However, I searched for any publications, citations, or patents from three of these five people on Google Scholar (at ) and came up empty for all three. At that point, I gave up, and didnt search the other two.I was under the impression that most university professors (even adjunct professors) had to at least have some documented achievement record of some kind. Now, Im not sure that Google Scholar is capable of searching and finding *everything*. But the fact that I couldnt find any publications of any kind in a Google Scholar search for three of the five, while not conclusive in itself, certainly lowers my confidence that this is a legitimate institution -- or if it is legitimate, is any good at what they purport to be. (Maybe I overlooked a critical hit from the searches, but I dont *think* I did.)Other people may have a reason to reach a different conclusion, but I dont think that I would want to put down my hard-earned money to be educated by a place like this, nor, without more, be inclined to hire a person with a degree from this place.If anyone has any convincing evidence otherwise, please speak up now! (Shills need not apply.)

January 23 8:02 am
i got the samething. once yesturday and again today

January 25 6:20 am
Not to mention messing up your hearing as well. Hope you are wearing ear plugs before you blow the whistle.

January 14 2:14 pm
Noone ever talks when I answer....its so annoyong!

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