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Latest Comments for 219-762

January 10 2:18 am
Well i got the same call and they helped me reslove my old loan so it sounds to me like all you guys rae scums and dont pay your bills

January 25 6:21 am
I got these calls for weeks and you know its a scam so after politely asking to be taken off their list I bought a really loud whistle i only got two calls from that number again it will mess up their hearing but only for a while

January 10 11:13 pm
this is spam and do not want to see this anymore

January 4 4:11 am
Someone named "cc" ciara collazo keeps txtn saying she goes to my church, knows my father, and has a crush on my brother. Mispells words constantly & when I called she just says she's "cc". Told her to stop calling/txtn my damn number!

January 10 3:52 am
These people are insane and should be reported immediately. They pose as windows, get agitated when you say "no", tell you your computer will crash if you do not pay them $199.99 and then repeat call at 8 am insisting that you are virus ridden and you still need them, not taking no for an answer. They continue to call and harrass, and when you call back there's a busy signal. These people need to be reported and shut down!!!!

January 7 8:38 pm
+1245909232, is the number, do not answer. It called me on friday 29th

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