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July 19 7:44 pm
Never do that, it is another scam, you pay in the 500 to your account, it appears in your account so you think all is ok and you send him the 350 back, the original payment bounces about a month later after it has been processed and the bank then withdraw the 500 back from your account, the only legitimate payment is the 350 Dollars you sent the thief!! AND YOU CANNOT GET THAT BACK.

July 19 12:36 pm
I have listed both my landline (which I only have for my security alarm) and my cell phone in and I STILL get telemarketing calls.

July 19 12:00 am
Called and claimed I owed them over $900.00 and if I didn't pay IMMEDIATELY they were calling a Sheriff Johnson and putting a warrant out for me. I do not owe anyone this kind of money. They could not give me any information about where this debt came from. Just continued to threaten me.

July 19 2:25 am
It was a call asked for a guy named cris

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