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June 27 1:06 am
I just got a call at about 9:30pm on 10/25/2012 from this number saying they were an employee from Kmart, even told me the exact Kmart which I do have a lay-a-way at and even told me the item I have on lay-a-way! said he and a few other people were horsing around and urinated and deficated on our item and that its ok cause he was just tested and he is clean and wanted me to cancel my order or take a 10% discount, after saying I will just pay off the account and return the item for a refund he began swearing and being offensive about it and so I hung up called the store I had my items at and they said no one is even there! after seeing all the posts on here im sure my item is fine, just eerie he knew the location of my store and the name of my item.

June 27 12:01 pm
message shown on cell phone but no message or identification

June 27 2:31 pm
I got a call on my home office business line from 954-236-6083. Caller ID showed UCB. Did not identify herself or company. Asked if she reached ___our corporate name___ (which is my husbands first & last names + Enterprises, Inc.) Yes.Asked for John Wayne __same last name__ I replied there is no one of that name with us & that I had never heard of him.She said, We show him as being employed there. I said I didnt know where they got such information but it was wrong & that I have no knowledge of anyone by that name, have never heard of him and could not help her.She thanked me & call ended.

June 27 1:52 am
This is one of those free cruise scams.. Do not answer and most of all do not give them a credit card number. I gave them nothing and asked to be removed from there list. It is a time share deal where there are lots of hidden fees for your free cruise... by the way it is a one day cruise... what a joke...LOL

June 27 7:44 pm
been getting calls from this number (Manitoba, Canada).  I never answer numbers I don't recognize, especially a number that is not from my country.  I figure if it is not a scam of some sort they will leave a message.  If they don't leave a message I don't return the call.  It IS annoying, however and I wonder if Canada has any regulations regarding these calls, anyone know who to report them to in Canada?

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