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August 23 12:51 pm
Caller stated that I was involved with bank and wire fraud that involves a bad check. They were looking for my ex-mother in law. They stated that she was in a lot of trouble and wanted her information. Stated she is in over her head and also referenced her two sons. I didnt give any information even though I have it. I called my ex husband and he stated it was a scammer because the same company called him as we were talking.

August 23 10:35 pm
16 with a phone are you a dealer?

August 23 1:11 am
You are quite correct Wolfman. Here I am. One of our esteemed colleagues messaged me & let me know that this little cretin is trolling. My thanks to him. I get a great sense of success when a lowly scammer tries to attack me. It is proof positive that what we do is working. We expose frauds, we cost them money. Frauds are finding it more difficult every day to find victims due to sights like this one & the people that dedicate so much of their time to educate others. We make a real difference & it shows. This little oaf is probably just a Troll. Even lower than a scammer. He is a cowardly creature that can only try to run his mouth on random threads because he knows that he cant go one on one with me. His ignorance already shows & his illiteracy would be even more apparent if he tried to take me on. We see his type all the time. Pity him, he is nothing. Happy New Year! Gunnar

August 23 7:44 pm
selling crap FBI something

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