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Latest Comments for 229-894

January 18 3:25 am
Take note that the DO NOT CALL list DOES NOT apply to SURVEYS CHARITIES OR RELIGIOUS organizations.

January 19 11:23 am
You need to enroll in grade school for help with basic English. Maybe a night school.a tutor...anything.

January 23 9:04 am
I received. this. call. today. and have. no idea

January 20 10:43 am
some place called Vegas Vacations

January 9 7:17 am
Actually all Master cards start with 54 so good thing you hung up! Definitely a scam.

January 6 12:44 am
Called once, asking for business owner. Didn't answer, just repeated the phrase, "Are you the business owner?" over and over like a soundboard.

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