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Latest Comments for 231-346

August 15 7:38 pm
I did this, still get the calls

August 15 5:06 am
I got the call saying they were Verizon and I would get a $20 discount if I took a survey. They asked me 3 questions and then for the last 4 of my social. They ended up hacking into my Verizon account and switched my phone to a Samsung flip phone. My phone stopped working so I immediately called Verizon and they fixed the problem immediately. They said this happens a lot and Verizon would never call to ask you this and the people that call you are always foreigners.

August 15 3:55 am
The reason you do not find us on the BBB is because the BBB is for Profit and they folded in Quebec.They were not able to make a go of it in the French Canadian Market and the BBB does not make a company Legit. They simply say they do if you pay them money.

August 15 7:23 pm
Called me more than 5 times in a week to try and offer me money/loan. I even have my number on the do not call list.

August 15 9:16 am
I get a call every day which my answering machine picks up from this number. It starts out saying "If you are not N.... Y... hang up the phone so many seconds other wise please contact this..." It just keeps going on not knowing it is my answering machine which doesn't know it should hang up in the amount of seconds it says. I have no idea who this person is they are asking for. No way to contact this through this number. Obviously they have a wrong number for this bozo. It has to STOP!!!!

August 15 1:38 am
I also got a call from this number just last month asking for 500 saying that i owed money to wells fargo and that if I didn't pay by 5pm i would have a warrent out for an arrest.

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