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January 21 9:00 pm
THese clowns have not called in a long time, but here they are again. Theyre back! You would not believe the idiocy of the recorded message they left. Absolutely manic. On and on about how this call was for some mangled version of my husbands name, and if this is not his phone number, to call them at xxx-xxx-x to report that fact. But, if this is his phone number, and you are not him, then hang up. Duh! They call my house, and pester me with a stupid message on my phone, then think they can dictate to me whether or not I can listen to their message? Then, they go into hyper overdrive with dramatic 3-second pauses marked by beeps, then they caution the listener to evacuate the premises of all persons who are not my husband, and then they do another dramatic three-second pause punctuated by electronic beeps, and finally, the listener is told the the secret of the inner sanctum, ie, we are a debt collector, please call us at some phone number that nobody can seriously consider calling, the absolutely manic way it is delivered, two or three times, no less. You gotta hear this to fully understand the absolute out-of -control craziness! If my husband has a legitimate debt, send him a letter. And since I believe I know the brazen bullying thieves who are claiming this debt, they can go pound sand. Local hospital here in the Lehigh Valley, bought up every thing in sight, and have been acting like brazen pirates ever since. Last time I got a bill from them that was totally wrong, I told the insurance company, and one of their people took care of it. But, she told me, this is thievery, yes, but, no, it is not illegal. We are in deep do-do, people,. with these systems in place.

January 10 9:45 am

January 14 6:31 pm
It's an equity loan company

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