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January 22 10:40 am
they called my sister in law (who by the way, I dont have her number or address) asking for me saying they had gone to my house to serve me papers and i was not home.. lol my husband is home all day... my poor sister in law freaked out... i have no idea why they would call her asking for me?

January 25 10:01 am
Well, Even I got the call however They are technical support service provider and I have checked their services, I am quite happy and also referring them to my friends and family. This company is good for computer support atleast for me...

January 1 10:42 pm
They tried to scam me by trying to get me to send them a money order to ship me two capuchin monkeys they refused to talk to me on the phone and when they finally did it was a foreign person repeating for me to fill out a form at wal mart for the air plane ticket when they really wanted me to send them money in a money gram when a lawyer i know looked up the number he found out about all the scams that these same people have done and we also found out that even though they said they reside in the united states they actually do not

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