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Latest Comments for 248-781

December 24 4:56 am
The complaint part on the do not call gov site is no longer active. I cant find a way to report a number :-(

October 15 1:54 pm
Had more than one call from this number. It would appear to be some sort of phone scam with the number being routed via the USA. I just ask them to hold and leave the phone by the TV. Amazing how long they hang on sometimes!

October 15 2:23 pm
You are joking right? The Do Not Call list is a joke. Its not enforced and seems quite likely that the spammers and telemarketers actually might be using it as a DO CALL list. LOL

October 15 12:46 pm
If you have a smart phone w/apps you can download YouMail app & ditch whatever calls you wish to ditch. Your phone will still to g but they will get a recording saying your phone line is out of service & cannot even leave a voicemail. For your contacts in your phone it will address them by the name you have them stored under. Its a cool free app. Ive been using it for sometime due to someone was harassing me but no more after this app.

October 15 2:20 pm
we have been on that list for about 10 years now and still get calls on the home phone and now the cell it did work for awhile though

October 15 10:05 am
Spam number withan actual person on the other end. After a few seconds they answer and ask you about home security

October 15 8:50 pm
i got three calls from this number.i never answerd cuz the number looked funny. I see now that I am not the only one getting calls like this.

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