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Latest Comments for 248-842

January 7 7:26 am
I also received a call from this number at midnight. I just switched from verizon to sprint. I blocked it and now getting calls and text from different numbers. The text said Please enter 9011 into LINE within the next 30 mins. I got six from different numbers within minutes of each other. This better not be some kind of third party charge.

January 11 2:20 am
Spam / scam traffic from 1-210-100-001 I see has been busy these past 2 weeks: The scumbags must be hungry and not getting their quota of suckers!! I just got text from Benjamin Barnes, who **get this** is inviting me to get into guaranteed pay off football pools, all I have to do is call back this number. I called my local police dept and gave this detective the number; theyre going to get the Feds involved.

January 3 2:14 pm
6 phone calls now and nobody on the other end and 2 vm left with nothing on the message. Getting very annoying!

January 25 1:17 am
I received one call from them missed it called back the ring tone was violin music and then it would disconnect. On the thid time someone picked up saying they were from education services and they wanted to talk to me about furthering my education. I explained that I wasn't looking into it and that was it.

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