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January 11 11:07 pm
me too. Im in New Zealand

January 1 3:24 am
Really...and did they ever consider that people like me have a special business number they are calling that CANNOT make toll free calls. Yes, with AT&T if you elect never to make any international or toll free calls businesses get a break on their bills. It is a sufficent break to warrant the inconvenience. Yet I own an Acura, and they have been told several times by the local dealer to leave me a local return number to reach them. They continue to call over 20 times a day and weekends and leave the same dreaded toll free number.You want to solve a problem for business owners, post the ACTUAL number for AFS and I will circulate it myself. They are seriously dense, to call and never leave word, dozens of times a day.

January 11 1:46 am
I received calls from this company asking for a David Noele(?).  When stated he does not live at this number and asked for my number to be removed agent stated they do not have to remove my number.  I then looked up the number it is for United Recovery Services.  If you call the president Drew Anderson at 1-713-458-4975 they will remove you name and number.

January 23 6:21 am
Don't know who they or why they are contacting me.

January 8 9:37 am
Unknown. Keeps calling but no answer.

January 13 3:55 am
got a call from 117-693-8474 indian lady saying that she worked for bell and had a free lg choclat for me. i became suspicious when she didnt know who the phone she was calling was registered to (you think a bell emplyoee would have that info?)

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