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January 5 10:30 am
I just called this number was from ordering Slushy Magic from as seen on tv. She kept insisting that they were sending me a free $100 gas voucher, and enrolling me in some program that is $14.95/month unless I call to cancel within 14days...After I repeatedly said not to bother sending it because I didnt want to have to send it back, I said just cancel my entire order then, and Ill buy something else, and was informed that I had to call Slushy Magic to do that and she hung up QUICK! What the heck? Definitely not a safe ordering site...BEWARE!

January 20 2:40 pm
You cant possibly be that stupid. You work in a boiler room for some rube who purchased the name and phone number of someone who may or may NOT have an unpaid debt. Then you call everyone with the same last name in the hopes of scaring some unsuspecting person into giving you money. You see, debt purchasers dont get the PAPER WORK, just a name, a state, and sometimes a phone number. Read about yourself here: ?_r=1Thats who YOU are; thats WHAT you are. Sad, pathetic little shill working for $2.00 a post because youre too inept to get any other job.

January 18 4:12 pm
Called me 2x. Waits for my voicemail, then hangs up on the voicemail. No message.

January 1 1:53 am
The owners of this company are Beau Pennington and Rick Camareno. The cell number for Beau is [removed]

January 5 10:56 pm
Call every hour, hangs up when answered.

January 11 5:48 pm
This Kevin Anderson calls me everyday at least 15 times a day. I don't answer because it comes up on the caller ID as unkown but he leaves a message stating who he is and that my attorney or I need to get back to him as soon as possible. He claims I owe money on a loan and if I don't pay all he can do is wish me good luck as the matter unfolds. I have heard many things about this number 516-232-8935 as well as some other numbers with different names of people calling stating the same thing. He even called today and left a message you could tell he was reading off a paper because he messed up reading it so he hung up and called right back. These people need to be caught so they can stop harassing people.

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