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Latest Comments for 256-825

June 20 11:31 pm
To stop the calls just put this number in your call block list this way 000 000-0 this will stop all of those kind of calls.

June 20 2:50 am
Selectively call forward the calls to the White House switchboard, or the Pentagon. Maybe in 2017 when we get a President and not a Dictator who loves aiding the terrorists, these calls will hopefully stop! But got to get OOMA or Callcentric to do this.You would think the NSA would be trying to put a stop to this, because these people that are phishing for your information are most likely terrorists, but oh wait, they would rather spy on innocent Americans. I am forwarding all my 543 callers to Senator Diane Feinsteins (supporter of NSA wiretaps) office!

June 20 9:53 pm
Great site with great information! Thanks.If you have a Smart Phone, download Mr. Number from your App Market (iPhone or Droid) and block these numbers. Mr. Number will automatically block any calls from that number again and they are not allowed to leave messages either. **There is a paid version of the app but I have the free one and it works perfectly.**

June 20 12:54 am
left a message saying they we're from work one. but I call the number and just get voicemail. jessica is the name

June 20 10:35 pm
I got the same thing as Mike. Nothing after a few hellos, then a female "goodbye".

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