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Latest Comments for 269-267

June 20 1:21 pm
you should know that only a bag full of rocks has less brains and common sense than you its kind of like dumb and dumber competition with you the looser as you keep on defending the scammers in your little way you must be selling on the phones because thats all you can do admit it already your just another scammer that cant face it or wont you know these scammers well dont you you work for them and worked for them so go back under the rock you came from everyone now knows what scammers they are why dont you like of coarse because you are really just one of them in your way

June 20 7:04 am
Spam. Calls all the time and does not say anything.SPAM SPAM SPAM

June 20 2:50 pm
just got a call from this number and a guy said i'm sorry and hung up???

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