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2016-05-23 14:06:39
Aint that amazing, the political class has exempted themselves, same as they do for income taxes, Obamacare and on and on. Personally Ive made calls for a candidate, I support, and some people say put me on your do not call list. With a smile I courteously say okay and thanks. Then go to the next number and those people might get called again, this time, by others or in the next election cycle.

2016-05-23 13:16:19
Looks like its from a landline in California. Weird shmos.

2016-05-23 10:01:36
got a call from 844-877-1700. company is called us standard products. was a message about safety glasses and gloves. checked out website . not sure if they are one of our vendors. thought they were american standard heating.

2016-05-23 05:47:12
A lot of them keeping calling your number because sometimes the last name is the same, and they dont understand, that they have the wrong person. Doenst matter how many times you tell the person, they still dont get it. According to all Collection Agencies we are all deadbeats and not only do none of us pay our bills but we have the adacity not to want to pay someone elses bills.Most of these agencies do not understand English,~~ or the English language, not that they are not English speaking but cannot understand the basics of language. I had one bothering me for months, and didnt matter how many times I faxed them copies of the payments, which were made even before they went to the agency, Computer glich they called it. They still told me to go ahead and pay, and then work it out with the company. Best thing to do is find out who has sold the overdue account to them and go after them. Takes time but better then the complete and utter harrassement from these buffons. When looking for a person with my last name, they hit on me first, and assume I know everyone who happens to share the same last name.

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