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Latest Comments for 281-242

January 23 5:42 pm
Its a telemarketing message to tell you that they are from your credit card company and that there is no problem with your account. Then blah blah blah, about how they can save you money on your APR. What a bunch of crap!

January 10 7:40 pm
I have Verizon and started getting them today. 3 today.

January 7 5:36 pm
Spam message: "Hey ____, not sure if you or anyone you know still smokes. But is giving away free e-cig trials. - Johnny" Several of my friends have gotten this message too, always with their first name in the blank.

January 13 8:26 am
I just let it ring, I never answer them or call them back I always look up the number, I been called by at least four number so far but not one of them the same. The numbers are different each time they call. But I've never gotten the same number calling me back. I'm thinking about f'ing with them giving them a name and other number, almost like what Bart Simsons does while prank calling, I wonder if they will call back after I waste a s*** load of time with them. LOL

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