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January 11 8:18 am
you are just wrong to put liens on the homeowners. We have already paid Kitchen Carolina. It is not my fault they are not paying you. Shame on you!

January 11 5:45 pm
We got this too. 3 X in a row. Anyone know how to stop?!

January 11 4:48 pm
I signed up for that donotcall but ever since I signed up for it I been getting more telemarketers callers than before I signed up for it.

January 11 2:16 am
They called saying they were installing alarms. I figured this was a scam or telemarketer and I was going to get them to take me off there list so I pressed 1 to get more info or what ever and then 3 to indicate I was a home owner and then it just hung up on me.

January 11 1:46 pm
Male caller, heavy accent, said he was a microsoft trained tech and that my computer was about to crash.  I told him I would have someone call him back because my hearing was bad and I couldn't understand him because of his accent.  He left this number but we were never able to connect with him. We got a machine with a woman's voice saying the phone we were trying to reach is unavailable, leave a message. I think this is a scam.

January 11 4:09 pm
Showed up as a missed call and when I called the number back a lady answered and I said "What company is this please?", she responded "We're a clearing House Company". I told her that I had received a call from their number and that I didn't want any more calls from them. Then she hung up on me! Hope this helps someone!

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