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Latest Comments for 301-983

January 18 12:00 pm
They call everyday. I have blocked the number but some how they get through anyways. I have told them to quit calling but they still call.

January 6 9:19 pm
They prank call me so many time...!!!! Sick and tire of there calls....!!!

January 5 9:16 pm
They keeping texting rude things to me!

January 14 1:25 pm
Just got a call from this number. Very irritating to receive these type of calls. As if, they had nothing else better to do.

January 3 9:21 am
I just received a call from this number. No one responded when I said hello.

January 14 11:11 pm
Do you have any unpaid bills? it may be a bill collector. i have a lot calling me right now. this one just started today. i'm going to wait for a voicemail from them first before i answer.

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