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Latest Comments for 302-395

2016-07-26 12:36:03
This is annoying. Their \'remove\' number does absolutely nothing. I pushed \"3\" yesterday per their instructions and just got a call today

2016-07-26 05:54:01
Told me I was under arrest for cannibalism and would be deported to Hati to await rrial for cannibalism. I played along and recorded the conversation to play back at parties.

2016-07-26 13:07:59
These guys from Simon Eichler & Associates just called me today and no doubt this is a scam. They called one of my relatives claiming I wrote a bad check and then called me claiming that I owe money because I took out a loan several years ago. I got 2 separate calls from these people. One of them practically accused me of lying when I told them I had no idea why they would be calling me or a relative over a money matter. Both of the people I talked with were rude and one of them said I should man up and be honest and admit to owing money that I don\'t even owe.

2016-07-26 12:28:33
1-210-331-5230:This number calls at least 5 to 7 times a day. Whatever happened to call lists asking not to be on any call list.

2016-07-26 05:53:19
I have been on ALL the DONOTCALL lists for several years and every year I put myself on it. I still get calls from stupid numbers like this and more. I have even reported a few of them. The lists dont always work, but they do cut down on the amount of calls. I add the numbers to my spam folder on my phone.

2016-07-26 05:24:51
your the kind of guy any girl would be lucky to have text me with that # & cant wait to see you babe

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