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Latest Comments for 303-330

2016-06-20 12:35:10
Got tons of calls. Never answered my phone...she probably called 37 times. Left a voicemail yesterday saying she\'d lick my butthole, if I would just pick up. I\'m not interested in falling in love, so I still have yet to call her back.

2016-06-20 03:14:02
Person has called me playing on the phone. It\'s aggravating!!!!!

2016-06-20 00:54:21
Smoke ad spam. Hate smoking and spam.

2016-06-20 02:39:36
My number is also on the no call list and yet this 000 000 0 number keeps calling . I will keep not answering , but it is very annoying.

2016-06-20 18:03:05
Called about converting my house into Solar and saving me money with some kind of $10k tax cut. Said something about a consulting coming over the following Friday which I didnt care for but theyll be wasting their time cause Ill slam the door on them. Didnt catch the company name.

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