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March 17 12:58 am
I received a call this evening from some guy I could barely understand (thick middle east accent) saying he had received a warning from my windows computer about a WIFI issue. I have three computers with windows programs. One is hooked to a land line, one hasnt been used in 2 mos, and the last is my work computer. The work computer is the only one with WIFI. I work for Verizon, and my WIFI and computer is issued through them, and we have our own monitoring people and tech support people who notify us of any issues. All I can say is SCAM! I was not at home with the computer so I said I could call him back. He said to call Steven Rosario at 909-713-7131 (which I googled and the number came up as a education marketing co.)

March 17 5:46 am
This is some information I found when searching for the number through my search bar: - MCI is a verizon company.

March 17 1:02 pm
please dont call my business if you have an unassigned phone number i dont need to be doing business with you

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